Wide-Band Analysis Lens

Wide-Band Analysis Lens

Cost: 5m; Mins: Perception 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple (DV-1)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Omnitool Implant
Expanding upon the foundation provided by the Omnitool Implant, the Wide-Band Analysis Lens provide a number of data gathering and analysis modules designed to assist with research and investigation. When this charm is activated the alchemical scans and analyses an area up to a radius of (Essence x 5) yards from the exalt. This action functions exactly as a dramatic Investigation action that takes up to 15 minutes, save that the character performs it in a handful of seconds and does not need to ransack the scene.


Reconstruction Processor (Perception 5, Essence 4): After using the primary analysis functionality of the Wide-band Analysis Lens, an exalt can then focus their investigative efforts on a single object whose baseline information has now been catalogued. Requiring a Miscellaneous action, the Reconstruction Processor performs a cascading evidence analysis in an effort to determine the past status of an object in question. The quantity of data generated is exhaustive though, and the exalt must still successfully interpret the information to learn anything of value. This evaluation is performed by rolling (Perception + Investigation) as a Miscellaneous action; every success reveals one relevant fact about the recent history of the object. An exalt can attempt to determine the extended history of an object, but this increases the difficultly of the roll to 3 for events occurring more than a month prior to the scan or 6 for events occurring more than a year prior to the scan. Any attempt to re-evaluate the information applies a universal increase in the difficulty of the roll by 4 (cumulative), and the relevant facts provided must include those already known by the exalt before new facts are provided.

Extrapolation Algorithms (Perception 6, Essence 5, Reconstruction Processor): This submodule enhances its prerequisite, providing the Reconstruction Processor a series of Extrapolation Algorithms necessary to model the future state of an object. After performing the (Perception + Investigation) roll to evaluate the information provided by the Reconstruction Processor, the player may divide their successes between past facts and future predictions at a cost of 1 or 2 successes respectively. Determining the extended future of an object and re-evaluating the information obtained by the Extrapolation Algorithms increases the difficulty in the same way as it does with the Reconstruction Processor.

Volumetric Scanning Suite (Perception 8, Essence 6, 4xp): A Champion can use his magic to scan a room, but to a colossus, such small confines are nearly meaningless, if they are even accessible in the first place. The sensor packages that can be accommodated by an elder’s chassis are capable of taking in the contents of battlefields, void ships, and entire city blocks at a glance. This submodule extends the maximum search radius of Wide-Band Analysis Lens to as much as (Essence x 50) yards, and enables his scan to penetrate any intervening barrier that would be transparent to essence sight. The difficulty of the Investigation roll required to notice a particular piece of evidence is increased by one for each (Essence x 5) yards it is away from the center of the area however.

Remote Sensing Node (Perception 7, Essence 6): An adamant diopter added to the already dizzying array of equipment that comprises a Colossus’s Wide-Band Analysis Lens allows him to open a short range null-space bridge between his current location, and any location to which he has an unobstructed line of site (using his conventional senses) within (Essence x 5) miles, centering the effects of his charm on the chosen point rather than on his own location. Using the charm in this fashion incurs a surcharge of 5m, in addition to any other cost for activating the charm’s effects.

Wide-Band Analysis Lens

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