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  • Giant-Slaying

    Giant-Slaying: This Charms effects function only against larger targets unless otherwise noted. A larger target is a creature that would require at least one application of the Large mutation to reach its current size if it had begun

  • Transfiguration

    Transfiguration: Charms with the Transfiguration keyword fundamentally change a Colossuss body structure, far more so than any combination of transhuman implants ever could. The Charm itself is literally a new body which the Colossuss

  • Colossus

    Colossus (Revised): Relevant to non-Alchemical characters who can acquire Alchemical charms, as well as for use with submodules such as Combat Drone Deployment and charms such as Remote Drone-Body Guidance, the Colossus keyword denotes

  • Twilight

    Twilight: Solars of the Twilight Caste may buy Charms with this Keyword for eight experience points, even if they do not Favor the Ability the Charm is located in. Training these Charms takes as much time as training a Caste or Favored

  • Motivated

    Heroes draw strength from their passions, and can only reach their full might by doing so. A Charm with the Motivated keyword grants bonuses that vary depending on why the user is doing what they are.

    If the Charm references a nonspecific Virtue

  • Planning

    Planning: Planning charms represent a characters ability to hatch elaborate plans and schemes, independent of her players ability to do so. To accomplish this, Planning charms effectively change the world. But they are not Shaping

  • Binding

    Charms with the binding keyword create a bond between their user and an object or entity which lasts for the duration of the charm. A binding charm immediately terminates if the bound entity is killed or a bound object is destroyed, and the charm user

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