Acceptance of Fate

Acceptance of Fate

Cost:Mins: Integrity 1, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Shaping
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

Though it was not always his fate, a mortal under the effects of Fateful Proxy Endowment may in time truly come to accept the resplendent destiny he has been given as his own – he may perceive it as better, more important, or simply more right, but when he does so to the core of his being, it becomes his in fact, as well as in magic.

Though it is considered in all respects a Sidereal charm, only a mortal under the effects of Fateful Proxy Endowment may learn Acceptance of Fate, and it may only be learned after the mortal has spent a continuous year and a day wearing the same resplendent destiny. When he does, the resplendent destiny permanently replaces his own natural fate, in effect causing him to become the individual he pretended to be.

When this charm is learned, the effect of Fateful Proxy Endowment on the character immediately ends, releasing the sponsoring Sidereal’s commitment to the effect, and the resplendent destiny warn by the character is entirely consumed as it replaces his natural fate. He looses access to the powers of that destiny, but retains all other benefits he possessed under Fateful Proxy Endowment as natural traits. For purposes of determining the nature of his being (and no other purposes) the character is hens-forth considered a Sidereal Half Caste, and he counts as a Sidereal for the purposes of all future interactions with fates and destinies. Because he has adopted a fate that was never meant to evolve as it interacted with the world, the character can never again increase his permanent essence, and can never attract an exaltation.

The destiny that the mortal assumes is an artificial thing, and was never meant to be. As such, its integration into the tapestry of fate is not without consequences for the Sidereal who bestowed the destiny upon him. The disruption this represents to the plans of the Bureau of Destiny is such that the Sidereal is always subject to censure unless he as secured express permission in advance. On the other hand, the integration represents a significant relief to the pattern spiders, and the Sidereal immediately looses an amount of Paradox equal to that he incurred in the resplendent destiny’s creation.

Design Commentary

I liked Gaius’s suggestion of allowing the mortal to learn from his experience under Fateful Proxy Endowment, but the more I thought about it, the more ideas I had, and the more interesting the results seemed to me. This is a charm that will almost exclusively lie in the hands of NPCs, but it presents some cool story hooks I think, so here you go.

Acceptance of Fate

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