Adamant Analysis Lenses

Adamant Analysis Lenses


Attunement Cost: 3m
Activation Cost: 1m
Repair: None

These tiny lenses of orichalcum infused autochthonian adamant are designed to be surgically implanted into their user’s eyes. When so implanted (Cumulative Difficulty 20, Roll Interval 2 Hours, Difficulty 3, Minimums 4), the lenses attune themselves to their user at the cost of three motes, rendering their normally chrome-gold surface translucent and faintly luminous.

While so equipped, the user gains all the benefits of All-Encompassing Sorcerer’s Sight (Exalted, Page 222), and an Essence-Scrying Visor (Scroll of Fallen Race, Page 25) on an ongoing basis, presented to him with the distinctly alchemical style described for the Essence Sight Oculars submodule for Optical Enhancement (Alchemicals, Page 158), as if it were one of his natural senses.

The lenses also allow the user to perform an in-depth analysis of a target by spending 1m and making a difficulty 5 (Perception + Occult) roll as a miscellaneous action. Success reveals tags such as Creature of Darkness and Creature of the Void, as well as – when focused on an essence user – the unique essence signature of the target’s souls and exaltation, as commonly used to key manses and magitech.

Design Notes

Three dots for AESS with some extra gravy, by way of the Blindfold of Revelation, is the baseline for comparison here. This subs out the extra-tough attunement for the standard benefits and limitations of biomagitech. For its benefits, it trades the effects of Measure the Wind for the extra analytical powers (the extra benefits of the Visor being more in the nature of clarification).

Adamant Analysis Lenses

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