An Inspiring Destiny

An Inspiring Destiny

Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Lore 3, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Training
Duration: Varies
Prerequisite Charms: Of (Purview) Well Considered

Many a vizier has been surprised by the lessons he can learn from the destinies he wraps around himself. A Resplendent Destiny is not simply a mask, but another life layered over one’s own, and as such its influence is strong, and the inspiration it provides can likewise leave a lasting mark. In the best of cases, such inspirations come at the very moment they are needed – be it to maintain the fiction of the Sidereal’s identity, or to save his life in the heat of combat.

When he activates this charm, a Sidereal who is wearing an active Resplendent Destiny instantly learns a charm or increases his rating in an Ability by one as a training effect. The vizier may learn only Abilities or charms which strongly resonate with the Resplendent Destiny he wears – the Ability associated with a Destiny’s astrological sign is always valid, as are its charms, but other abilities and charms may also be appropriate depending on both the persona being portrayed, and the situation the character is in. Charms and other traits that the character could not learn without a tutor cannot be acquired in this way.

Though the Sidereal retains what he has learned permanently, the motes expended on this charm remain committed to the effect for a duration equal to the time it would normally take the Sidereal to train the acquired trait, and they cannot be prematurely released by any means. This charm is not stackable, and the Sidereal can commit motes to only one instance of it at a time, rendering it unusable until its duration expires.

Design Commentary

I couldn’t resist one more training charm, and one more tie in with the Resplendent Destiny system. This is meant to be a simpler, more accessible, and much more immediate counterpart to Of Experiences Well Considered, while remaining distinct from it.

An Inspiring Destiny

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