Arms-Master's Baggage

Arms-Master’s Baggage


Attunement Cost: 1m
Activation Cost: 2m
Repair: None

Composed of three rune-inscribed adamant strips, slotted down the center, and joined so that they can be folded down into a single strip that resembles a closed fan, or folded out into a triangle about a foot on each side, this artifact is designed to store large and unwieldy weapons for easy access. When properly attuned and unfolded into its triangular configuration, the area inside the triangle opens into Elsewhere, and the user can reach inside to draw or stow the weapon inside.

The space can stow a single weapon of any size, from a tiny knife to a warstrider’s essence cannon. The magic of the portal is such that even weapons that cannot logically fit through the triangle described above can be easily placed within, but the space can only contain a weapon, and other objects don’t seem to fit, no matter how small. Stowing or drawing a weapon from the space costs two motes, and takes only a single tick to accomplish.

Design Commentary

Compare this to the Impending Dawn Band for a point of reference, as the principles of the device are the same. At the same artifact rating, the lower attunement and activation costs are offset by the exceedingly specific limitations on what can be placed inside the storage space.

Arms-Master's Baggage

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