Awakening the Inner Brilliance

Awakening the Inner Brilliance

Cost: 2m, 2wp; Mins: Craft 6, Essence 6; Type: Simple (Special)
Keywords: None
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Discerning the Maker’s Mark

Every object has a least god, and none are more familiar to the Solar craftsman-hero than the spirits which inhabit the things he has made. Through arduous meditation, a craftsman may attune himself to this nascent god, and by feeding it his own most holy essence enlighten and awaken it into an entity capable of independent thought and – perhaps – action.

The process begins with a full day in contemplation of an item the Solar has created using Craft. The lawgiver commits the essence to this charm at that time, and so long as he maintains his commitment, at the end of each game session his player may spend one point of experience. When he has set aside a quantity of experience equal to the Allies rating of the spirit he means to awaken (per Lords of Creation, Page 30, almost always 3xp for a minor god loyal to the Solar, but potentially more or less depending on the spirit’s relationship to the character), the least god of the object gains consciousness.

The awakened least-god is a spirit with motivation and intimacies devised by the Storyteller (but typically including at least a positive intimacy towards its creator). The spirit begins with an Essence of two, no charms, and no backgrounds, (Essence x 3) dots of Attributes, (Essence x 5) dots of Abilities, and (Essence x 3) bonus points. Once awakened the spirit gains experience and traits as an Ally would, but counts for all other purposes as a Familiar of equal rating, conferring the normal benefits of that background.

The Solar craftsman must maintain his commitment to this charm continuously in order to awaken his creation’s spirit, but once it has awoken his commitment ends automatically. If the commitment is ended before sufficient experience is set aside, the spent experience is immediately refunded. If the charm was completed successfully, the lawgiver may choose to gift some or all of his unspent experience to his new familiar, who receives an extra bonus point to spend for each experience point given to it in this way.

In the event that the object in which the spirit resides is reforged into a new artifact, the spirit will also move on to reside in the newly forged creation. Indeed, such a spirit is usually an active collaborator in the transformative process. After all, it’s purview will inevitably shift to reflect the object’s new nature.

Awakening the Inner Brilliance

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