Champion of Legend Style

Champion of Legend Style

The origins of this style are long since lost to time; perhaps the records of Heaven itself hold the key, or the journal of some long-dead Lawgiver, but the answer to such a question rarely matters to those who wield such a style.

Throughout history there have been heroes, and champions; those who fight for their beliefs, those who do what they do because they care, not out of mere whimsy or duty. Often, they go forth bearing the might of this style. Sometimes, they are taught it, by those wishing to use or empower them. Sometimes, they stumble across old training manuals, in dojos overgrown and neglected in this fallen age. Sometimes, they learn it through dim recall, through flashes of their past lives. And sometimes they simply… learn it. This last aspect of the style is hotly debated by those interested in such things; does it express some cosmic principle, such that others can simply find enlightenment in it on their own? Is it in some manner like the Hero Styles of the Exalted? Does Creation itself conspire to teach it to them, through coincidence and flashes of inspiration, as with the initiations of Sorcery? Or is someone or something wandering Creation, teaching this style to those worthy without their knowledge?

In the modern day, this question is moot, when faced with a resurgence of users of this Style. Regardless of the origin of Champion of Legend Style, it is back, and back in force. The Lawgivers bear it, their virtues driving it to great deeds. The Lunar Exalted, returning from their long exile, use it, their need to return, to challenge those who would drive them back and cast them down in ruin, giving them the passion they need for this style. It is even rumored that the Abyssal Exalted wield it – those who truly believe in their cause find strength, regardless of whether others think it righteous. What, then, is to be done about the return of such heroes and villains?

Weapons and Armor: Charms of this style treat attacks with a single weapon, selected when the first Charm of the style is learned, as unarmed attacks. Charms that expand the definition of unarmed attacks in general (such as Celestial Godbody Understanding) do not broaden this definition; only Charms that add single, specific weapons to a style’s unarmed list, such as Master’s Hand Envisioned Anew, function to add weapons to this style, and then only at the Storyteller’s discretion. Charms that create weapon-like effects, such as Elemental Bolt Attack or Blazing Solar Bolt, may be selected.

This style is not compatible with armor or shields.

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Champion of Legend Style

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