Charm Concept Nullspace

Just as Time Not is the time without time, the realm called Nullspace is the space without space. When the Great Maker constructed his bridge to nowhere, it was to Nullspace that its span stretched, and its creation formally recognized the shinma Nirupadhika which defines space and location by its absence, separating every spot from every other. Nullspace has no location, and is therefore coterminous with all locations, and while it is conceptually impossible for a thing to be in Nullspace, every moving object passes continually through it, during the nonexistent moments when it is neither here nor there.

Though most do not appreciate the fact, the nature of Nullspace is key to many magical effects, for it is by alteration of its narrative of motion that magic manipulates space and distance, and by way of mote-constructs called Nullspace Bridges that objects pass to and from Elsewhere. Most such conditions are purely momentary in nature, but those whose clarity approaches the Great Maker’s own begin to understand that while Nullspace is without space it is [i]not [/i]without time, and that these common effects barely scratch the surface of what can be achieved by its manipulation.

While being within Nullspace is beyond the ability of localized intellects to conceive, it is never the less entirely possible in practical fact. An object or entity which sits ‘in’ Nullspace is both infinitely far from and physically present at every point in the universe, but remains utterly incapable of movement, for in the realm it inhabits there is no such thing. Such a creature is nowhere, and only an impetus from somewhere can dislodge him, but such impossible logic is well within the realm of Exalted magic, as it was for the magic of the Primordials before them.

Nullspace is fundamentally the same realm as the conceptual domain known as Fucking Nowhere, but it takes itself considerably more seriously lest alpacas ensue.

Charm Concept Nullspace

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