Climactic Glory Assertion

Climactic Glory Assertion

Cost: 15m; Mins: Martial Arts 6, Essence 6; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Escalating Narrative of Consequence Form

All around the field of battle, eyes turn to the martial artist as he lays his enemies low. The crash and thrum of battle rises to an almost musical crescendo, and time seems to slow, allowing all those present an unrushed moment to appreciate the greatness of a man to whom the difference between their lives and deaths is nothing more than a choice of verbs. With an imperious gesture, he marks his target, and with a word of power and a touch of his hand he commands her death – or her life.

This charm enhances an unarmed martial arts attack which is not unexpected, or the simple act of touching an unresisting character (which has the same speed and DV penalty as an unarmed attack). When it is activated, the martial artist chooses whether his target will live or die:

If he speaks the word of death, he adds the scene’s Escalation Level to his attack’s accuracy, and increases the attack’s post-soak damage by a number of dice equal to the target’s remaining wound levels. Additionally, if the attack deals any levels of damage, the martial artist’s touch cancels effects that would protect the target from Shaping. Solar circle spells and charms with Essence minimums greater than the Escalation level are immune to this cancellation, but all other effects are shattered and their sources deactivated. Shattered protection from permanent effects returns at the end of the scene.

If the martial artist speaks the word of life, fate conspires to keep the hero of his story – who must be a character other than himself – alive, at all costs. Until the end of the scene, the touched character increases his mental and physical DVs by the scene’s Escalation Level (adjusting continually, as the Escalation Level changes), outside the limits for dice added by charms. Additionally, he regenerates one lethal or bashing health level each action as his DV refreshes, and shares in any immunities conferred upon the martial artist by the effects of Escalation of Narrative Consequence Form.

This charm can be activated only if the scene’s current Escalation Level if four or greater. The martial artist’s choice of life or death is Obvious to his target, who may choose to resist or not in response to that declaration. When activated, the martial artist’s anima banner automatically flares to its maximum level, as does his target’s if his target has one, and neither character’s banner can fade until his DV refreshes a number of times equal to the Escalation Level at the time the charm is used.

Climactic Glory Assertion

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