Closing Verse Recitation

Closing Verse Recitation

Cost: 5m (10m, 1wp); Mins: Martial Arts 6, Essence 7; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Emotion
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Story-Weaving Primacy Technique, Climactic Glory Assertion

Violence surrounds the martial artist. Sweeping fans of gore sleet from his weapon, painting the scene like a master’s brush. Sparks fly as all around him metal and magic clash one against the other in glorious displays of power. Then, it is done. The last body falls to the ground, the tip of the sword is grounded in blood-muddied earth, and the sound and fury fades into the ringing of ears the blotched negative images of titanic power, seared into the retinas. In these closing moments, the martial artist speaks the closing verse, and cedes his control, for the battle is over, and the time for denouement is now and finally at hand.

Typically – but not always – used at the end of a scene, the activation of this charm immediately ends the duration of all other Escalation of Narrative Consequence Style charms, and strips the scene of its Escalation Level. As it does this however, it brings closure to the events that have transpired:

  • The spirits of all creatures killed in the scene are destroyed as per Ghost Eating Technique
  • For the rest of the scene, Shaping effects are suppressed as per Infinite Catalepsis Macrame
  • Ongoing sorcerous effects are shattered as per Sapphire Countermagic, without side effects
  • All charms with a duration of one scene expire, as if the scene itself had ended

In addition to these effects, all characters present grow weary of battle, as an unnatural emotion effect which costs three willpower to resist. This may express itself as sadness over the blood shed in the scene, satisfaction at a battle well fought, joy in glories won, or the reserved judgment that now is the time for retreat, as befits each character’s Virtues. Regardless of its specific expression however, those present find the idea of further battle unappealing, and cannot help but feel it would be far better to simply retreat from the field of battle.

In order to activate this charm, the scene’s Escalation Level must be one or greater. This charm may be activated as a miscellaneous action rather than a simple charm activation by paying the increased cost of 10 motes and 1 willpower rather than its normal cost. The martial artist himself is fully subject to all the effects of this charm, just like every other character present.

Closing Verse Recitation

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