Consolidated Craft Abilities

In this variation on the standard rules, there is only one Craft ability, which confers broad understanding of all creative pursuits. All standard Craft types may be taken as Craft specialties, and a character may have any number of specialties for the Craft ability, though a particular specialty may be take no more than three times.

Wherever a specific craft is required as a prerequisite or for some other reason, instead use an appropriate specialty. If a particular rating in the ability would be required, consider a single specialty to be equivalent to a rating of up to two, two specialties to be equivalent to a rating of up to four, and three applicable specialties to satisfy any higher requirements.

Design Impact

This change treats Craft in much the same way as other Abilities, affording a sort of omni-competence to the Exalted. When using this rule, most mortal craftsmen will have no more than a dot or two of Craft proper, but are likely to balance that out with Specialties.

The primary mechanical impact of this change is that it costs significantly less XP for a character to be a versatile sorcerer-engineer than normal, allowing the same exalt who can create artifacts for his circle to design manses and create beautiful paintings without racking up ever-increasing advancement costs.

In the event that this enables the players to acquire an excess of artifacts and hearthstones, consider instead having players pay XP for the associated backgrounds – this distributes the advancement costs of crafting more appropriately across the party, and scales better as more and more items are acquired.

Consolidated Craft Abilities

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