Convenient Coincidence Invocation

Convenient Coincidence Invocation

Cost: 3m; Mins: Lore 3, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 4, DV -0)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Planning, Stackable
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Methodology of Secrets

A twist of fate. A turn of events, as if by chance. These are the tools of the Vizier’s trade, but such coincidences are not accomplished by chance or whim, but by divine foresight and careful strategy. This charm sets a plan in motion, the results of which will be realized at some later time – perhaps in mere seconds, or perhaps in a year. The Sidereal’s player need not determine the specifics of that plan at the time the charm is activated (though her character will have), but should note the circumstances of its activation.

Any time after the charm is activated, the Vizier may release her commitment to it to bring her plans to fruition, describing what she did when she activated the charm, and the results those actions have on the current situation. The Sidereal’s player rolls (Intelligence + Lore) against a difficulty of one for a superficial outcome, three for a useful outcome that could have been produced by a stunt, or six for an outcome that produces a more significant plot twist. If she succeeds, the scheme resolves to her specifications. If not, the Storyteller describes what went wrong in some interesting fashion.

A Sidereal may lay ascending destinies directly upon plans created using this charm. Such a destiny applies to all rolls made to execute or maintain the plan in question and lasts until the plan comes to fruition, but the Sidereal pays zero points for Scope, Duration, and Frequency, and generates no Paradox dice – the Pattern Spiders gladly help those who help themselves.

Sidereals can manage any number of such schemes simultaneously, but must commit essence to keeping each of them on track.

At Lore 4, Essence 4, a Sidereal may use this charm to produce an ascending, descending, or resplendent destiny. The difficulty of the (Intelligence + Lore) roll to do so is equal to the difficulty of the Craft (Fate) roll required to create the destiny, and this does not allow her to exceed the normal limit on the number of destinies she may maintain. A Sidereal cannot produce a destiny in this way in the same scene the charm was first activated, and the crafting process can include no more days of planning activities than would be accommodated by its duration.

Convenient Coincidence Invocation

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