Craftsman-Hero Approach

Craftsman-Hero Approach

Cost: 10m, 2wp, 2xp; Mins: Craft 5, Essence 5; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Keen Understanding of the Core Imperfection

It is in the nature of every Solar to be a hero, and though he spends his every waking hour in the workshop, this is no less true of the Solar craftsman. The forging of a weapon imbues its metal with a fragment of its maker’s will, a shadow of his intent and an echo of his spirit, but when a lawgiver forges a weapon for his own hand this spark of essence becomes a beacon of power, tempered in the furnace of his essence.

This charm is employed reflexively when the Solar makes the final craft roll required to construct an artifact weapon, after the roll is made and it is determined that sufficient successes have been generated (and the costs must be paid at that time), but the intent to use it is declared in the project’s design phase. The artisan literally forges a portion of his soul into his work, inextricably bonding the weapon to its creator, with several benefits and consequences.

A weapon created with this charm can be wielded only by its creator, and is cursed to fail in the hands of anyone else – anyone but the weapon’s creator automatically botches up to (Essence x 2) rolls made using the item each scene. Furthermore, the weapon is part of it’s creator, and bound to the Solar’s life force and will. Upon his death, unless the artifact is host to an awakened spirit (see below) it is destroyed, dissolving into denatured essence and passing on into the underworld as grave goods.

While its creator lives however, the weapon is always close at hand. As a reflexive action costing 1m, the Solar may cause the weapon to dematerialize wherever it is, and rematerialize instantly in his hand. Similarly, he can use this technique to store the weapon within his own essence, effectively placing it in Elsewhere for later retrieval. While the weapon is stored in this way, it passively repairs and maintains itself as if the craftsman were actively working on doing so. As a final benefit, the weapon’s creator can cross-apply his Craft excellencies with those of whichever Ability he would normally use to wield the weapon (though he still rolls using the appropriate Ability, and his dice cap is calculated accordingly).

At Essence 5, this charm can be used to create only those weapons which the Solar can wield unaided. At Essence 6, its purview expands to encompass larger weapons such as those used by warstriders or deployed in sieges (though those which would be attached to manses are normally not practical, due to their need for a manse’s supply of essence). The solar can keep no more than (Essence – 5) such large weapons stored in Elsewhere with this charm at any given time.

Craftsman-Hero Approach

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