Crew (Size): Charms with this keyword – which are typically Municipal, or more rarely Colossus charms – must be manned by a team of characters to function. The Exalt must commit a portion of his population to the charm’s operation, or the charm in question cannot be installed. If an adequate workforce is no longer available for an installed charm, it cannot be activated, and ceases to provide any permanent benefits it would usually afford.

Depending on the Size (Masters of Jade, Page 77) of his population, a character can support a limited number of Crew charms at any given time. A character is limited to a single charm with a Crew requirement equal to the Size of his own population, plus two charms with with Crew requirements equal to his (Population Size – 1). He may use any number of charms with Crew requirements two or more lower than his population’s Size – their manpower demands are trivial next to the scale of his work force.

Allocating crew to a charm typically takes (Crew Size) weeks as team members are assigned and trained. Releasing allocated population from a charm is effectively instantaneous, the time it takes absorbed into the crew’s next assignment.

Note that the Size of the crew required by a charm is not literally the Size of the team employed directly in the charm’s operation. It represents the minimum overall population required to support the existence of the team in question, including various secondary and supporting services, the availability of specialists, and so on. The Size of the charm’s actual staff is usually one to two lower than the charm’s Crew rating.

Design Commentary

Charms with this keyword cannot be used at all by characters without some kind of on-board or resident population. This typically limits them to use by elder Alchemicals and Eclipse caste characters (and their counterparts among the Infernal and Abyssal ranks) who have installed an appropriate Transfiguration charm. It might also be applicable to charms for Devil Tigers who have acquired their own world bodies.

More radically, this keyword could be extended to encompass charms intended for spirits such as city gods or organizational spirits like those produced by the Solar charm Legend Lives On (Scroll of Errata, Page 170) which personify organizations. More broadly still, it could extend to charms for any character designed to interact with the Creation Ruling Mandate system described in Masters of Jade.


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