Discerning the Maker's Mark

Discerning the Maker’s Mark

Cost: 10m; Mins: Investigation 5, Essence 3; Type: Simple (Dramatic Action)
Keywords: Combo-OK, Merged (Craft, Occult), Touch
Duration: Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Evidence-Discerning Method

A maker’s mark is more than a glyph, it is the spiritual imprint of the craftsman’s will upon the material from which an object is created. With the final blow of the hammer or pass of the blade the true artisan stirs the least god within his masterpiece to a sort of half-consciousness, and it is this spirit which gives a fine object true value. A lawgiver’s right is power over all such spirits however, and he is well within his power to invoke and interrogate them in order to learn their secrets.

This charm enables the lawgiver to engage in social interaction with the least god of any made thing he touches. The details vary from one object to the next – the connection may be verbal, telepathic, symbolic, or by way of some stranger medium of communication as best fits the object’s nature – but the Solar is always able to clearly understand and communicate with the spirit in question. Most object spirits possess no more than an animalistic intelligence, and view their surroundings through the lens of their nature: a weapon spirit might remember the force of blows and scent of blood without recalling where a battle took place, while the least god of a spoon might recall that the flavour of the soup and the face of the diner reflected on its silver but have no recollection of what was said over dinner.

A rare thaumaturgical ritual from the Art of Enchantment (Snuffing the Spirit Within, Rank 3, Intelligence, Difficulty 4, 13 Hours) can be used to prevent this interrogation by dispersing an object’s least god. Doing so permanently ruins the object in question however, causing it to decay into useless junk within a week. It cannot be used on artifacts, nor on any object the thaumaturge does not own, and is most commonly used to produce ‘untraceable’ weapons for use in assassination.

Merged: Discerning the Maker’s Mark (Craft, Requires Craftsman Needs No Tools; Occult, Requires Spirit Detecting Glance)

Discerning the Maker's Mark

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