Distant Guardian's Intervention

Distant Guardian’s Intervention

Cost: 3m; Mins: Archery 4, Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Merged (Firearms, Thrown)
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Flashing Vengeance Draw
The absence of a Lawgiver from the thick of battle does not mean his subjects are not protected. A strangely-shaped knife thrown from the shadows can knock aside the gun of a foe, and the Lawgivers have skill enough to intercept the bullets of their foes with their own. While this Charm is active, the Solar may take Defend Other actions with his ranged weapons, with a Parry DV of (Dexterity + Archery + Specialties + Accuracy)/2. This Charm does not change the Defend Other action’s Speed or DV penalty – it simply allows it when it would otherwise be inapplicable. If the attacker beats the Parry DV of a Defend Other action made at range with this Charm, they can choose to strike the defender, even if if the attack would ordinarily have been able to target the defender with that attack.

Each time the Solar applies this DV against an attack, he uses his weapon – spend ammunition as is appropriate, and apply Range penalties directly to the DV as if he were attacking his ward. As with attacks, no Defend Other action may be taken for a ward more than three times the weapon’s Range away (excepting when Charms would allow an attack to function at such a range, such as There Is No Wind).

At Archery 5+, Essence 3+, this Charm automatically upgrades, allowing the Solar to apply his Archery-based Parry DV against attacks made against him, not only his wards, if activated for 4m instead

Merged: Thrown (Requires Flashing Draw Mastery), Firearms (Requires Flawless Quick-Draw Concentration)

Distant Guardian's Intervention

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