Dream Forging Insight

Dream Forging Insight

Cost: —; Mins: Lore 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Wyld Cauldron Technology

Tools, weapons, and devices, from the simplest stone hammer to the most complex magitech automaton, are more than simply objects. They are defined by their purpose, and it takes a craftsman’s eye to discern the difference between expert handiwork, and useless trash.

This Charm enhances the character’s Wyld-Shaping Technique, altering the list of things he is able to create, and the costs and difficulties involved in creating them.

At no additional cost or difficulty, the Solar may include all manner of useful mundane tools and objects in the space he shapes. The quality of these objects is at his discretion (although Perfect quality objects are the usual preference), and he may produce as many as the space allows. He might produce acre upon acre of perfect blades, for example, though doing so would of course hinder the usefulness of the space for most any other purposes.

Artifacts: The Solar may use shaping techniques to assemble an artifact for which he possesses all the required components. Doing so requires a minimum rating in Craft equal to twice the rating of the artifact being assembled, and reduces the difficulty of the normal Craft roll to create the object by one for each shaping success expended. The duration of Wyld-Shaping Technique is adjusted to match the Solar’s Craft cycle time when used in this way.

When invoking Wyld-Shaping Technique to create Artifacts, the Solar rolls (Intelligence + Craft) rather than the usual (Intelligence + Lore) roll. Purchasing this charm explicitly allows Wyld-Shaping Technique to be combined with Craft charms, including excellencies which may be invoked to enhance the roll itself, and to enhance the Solar’s rating in Craft for purposes of meeting the requirements described above, in keeping with the rules for improving static values.

Dream Forging Insight

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