Engine of the Grand Design

Engine of the Grand Design

Cost:Mins: Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Reinvention of Self, A Bridge to Nowhere

Like all Primordials, Autochthon is governed not by Fate but by his own analogous system of cause and effect – the Design of Autochthon.

A character with this charm and any component entities they may possess are permanently outside of fate (Sidereals, pp. 191), and cannot be affected in any way by effects restricted to the Fate of Creation, the Mythos of another Primordial, or any similar phenomenon. They can expressly see through resplendent destinies of all sorts, and cannot themselves bear destinies crafted on the Loom of Fate or any analogous system of reality.

Mortals and other non-component entities born within the characters’s world body (if they possess one) are not considered to be outside of fate, but are governed by the character’s Mythos rather than the Fate of Creation. When such characters move between realms, they interact with these systems as described variously in Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals, and Manual of Exalted Power: Alchemicals.

When learning this charm, the character may choose to manifest their Mythos in physical form, in which case it takes whatever shape they choose and appears either at a chosen location within their world body (if they possess one), in their possession (if suitably sized), or in a magical location to which they are attuned. Anyone with access to this physicalized Mythos may use Craft: Fate to create destinies on it which may be applied only to entities it governs.

A personalized expansion charm may be devised if desired which institutes a system analogous to Colleges to limit access to the Mythos, but by default it can be manipulated by anyone with the appropriate Ability and a character’s Essence rating is used in place of a College rating.

Every Primordial once possessed a version of this charm, and the nature of the Mythos that each of them created was nearly as fundamental to their identities as their ability to assimilate ideas from one another. Like so much else however, most were stripped of this freedom by the terms of the surrender oaths, and forced instead to share the fate of their king.

Engine of the Grand Design

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