Escalating Narrative of Consequence Style

Escalating Narrative of Consequence Style

Chosen of Journeys, Sirocco of the Bells was a young Sidereal in the twilight of the First Age, her predecessor having been lost to unknown circumstances in the Wyld. Uncomfortable involving herself in the machinations of her elders in the years preceding the Usurpation, she arranged an assignment as ambassador to the Fair Folk in the distant south, and vowing to recover her previous incarnation’s lost panoply before returning to Creation, there she remained for more than twelve hundred years.

When at last the yellow path returned her to Yu Shan, it was to herald the coming of the Balorian Crusade, but her predecessor’s panoply and apocalyptic tidings were not the extent of what she brought with her. In her self-inflicted exile she had learned much, and gained enlightenment not only in the ways of the chosen of the maidens, but also in those of the mad creatures by whom she had been surrounded, intuiting from their combination what she called the Narrative of Escalation.

Sirocco’s philosophy recognized what was obvious to the denizens of the Wyld – that creation itself was a fundamentally narrative construct, spun out by the loom of fate as surely as any node ever found in the deepest chaos. Moreover though, she claimed that there was great power to be had by appealing to the tropes and patterns of the story the loom was trying to tell, and that its story was fundamentally a tail of all the countless battles that would lead to a climactic resolution.

This philosophy, and the martial practice which would emerge from it, were encompassed in a previously unknown verse that Sirocco of Bells called the Verse of the Storied Maiden:

Once there was a maiden…
Who stood, resplendent, upon the field of battle.
All around her men struggled and triumphed,
And all around her men faltered and died.
But her majesty reigned over it all,
And none could mistake that the battle was hers.
For hers was the story,
And hers was the glory,
And hers was the bloody end,
Remembered forever in legend.

Weapons and Armor: Escalating Narrative of Consequence Style is a Sidereal Martial Art, and as such subject to the usual restrictions and costs associated with such styles. Like all Sidereal Martial Arts, its students also master Student and Elder sutras associated with it upon learning its form charm and its final charm respectively (See: Scroll of the Monk, Page 111). The charms of the Escalating Narrative of Consequence Style are incompatible with armor of all types. It may be practiced unarmed, but also accepts as a form weapon any artifact weapon rated four dots or greater, for such storied tools resonate with both the personal narrative of the martial artist, and the story the loom seeks to tell about her.

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Escalating Narrative of Consequence Style

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