Esme's Ribbon

Esme’s Ribbon


Attunement Cost: 3m
Activation Cost: None
Repair: None

A silk ribbon hued violet like the twilight sky and decorated with an icon at either end embroidered in orichalcum thread, this artifact is commonly worn in an Exalt’s hair, or tied into a bow elsewhere about her person. When attuned for three motes, its magic provides its user with profound insights into the thinking and psychology of others, affording her powerful advantages in the social arena.

The ribbon’s wearer adds two bonus dice to any social attack which aims to manipulate a character into revealing secret or personal information, or aims to convince a character to act in what the Exalt to knows to be that character’s own best interest. In either case, if the roll succeeds and the attack is resisted by natural or unnatural mental influence or similar effect which makes the character unwilling or unable to cooperate, the bearer may channel an appropriate virtue to permanently break that effect.

Esme's Ribbon

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