Essence Pulse Array

Essence Pulse Array


Attunement Cost: 5m / 8m
Activation Cost: None
Repair: 2

Inspired by the effective use of Force-Projection Weapons and Essence Cannons in Autocthonia, the Essence Pulse Array utilizes precisely released localized bursts of energy to devastating effect. The condensed nature of the resultant essence blast requires that the attack be made in close combat range while the inherent precision makes it ideal for use with martial arts. Thus, the Essence Pulse Array is a pair of articulated gloves with an interwoven lattice of starmetal and moonsilver containing a myriad of essence emitters spread across the user’s hands. When used in combat the resultant strikes are accompanied by bright flashes which can easily disorient or confuse opponents, especially when near-misses become staggering blows when the burst of energy strikes an opponent from mere inches away. Mechanically this effect causes opponent’s DVs to be reduced by 1 when facing an opponent wielding this weapon, the wielder can also parry lethal attacks with their hands when equipped.

A pair of gloves costs 5m to attune, and the main armature can be composed of any magical material conferring the typical close-combat benefit of such material. Attacks made with this weapon qualify as unarmed for the purposes of charm use.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
5 +4 6L +1 3 M

After conferring with the engineering skills of Kadon Cind, a specialized version of the Essence Pulse Array has been crafted to fit both the hands and feet of Zuko Kota. Though this improved version requires 8m to attune.

Design Commentary

This artifact is basically a combination of the Gloves of Martial Readiness and the hidden attack capability of Force Projection Weapons. By removing the auto shield of the gloves and replacing it with the lower attunement and DV penalty, the weapon is a tad underpowered. The addition of feet to the mix helps even it back out.

Essence Pulse Array

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