Fallen Heart of (Virtue)

Fallen Heart of (Virtue)

Cost:Mins: Integrity 4, Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Avatar (1)
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Any Integrity Excellency

In life, the creatures that would become the Neverborn viewed reality through lenses every bit as strange as those of their surviving cousins. In their death, they perceive the Virtues of the living world as mere ghosts of themselves, sad reflections seen but darkly in the glass of Oblivion. As they explore the darkness within themselves, some of the fallen Primordials’ chosen come to understand the world as their masters do, forever changing the way they interact with other people, and the world itself.

An Abyssal can purchase this Charm up to four times, with each purchase enhancing one Virtue rated 5+. The choice cannot be altered, but the Charm’s effects recede if the Abyssal lacks sufficient Virtue rating for whatever reason.

The Abyssal regains one channel for each Virtue augmented by this Charm once per day at sunset. Additionally, whenever an Abyssal would roll dice for a Virtue enhanced by a purchase of this charm (whether as a pool by itself, or as bonus dice from a channel), the Charm converts these dice into automatic successes. This isn’t optional, so characters must always spend Willpower to resist the urges of extreme Virtue. The effects of this charm on each Virtue are as follows:

Compassion: Life and reincarnation are an endless procession of suffering, and as the Neverborn might attest, the half-life of the undying is but a muted reflection of this vicious cycle. For the Compassionate Abyssal, there is no harm in hastening the passing of others into the soothing embrace of Oblivion. The Abyssal may slay both spirits and living beings freely and casually, and when doing so, she may spend a Compassion channel to consign their a soul to Oblivion, destroying it utterly. This is no license for cruelty however, and the Abyssal must spend Willpower to grant her opponents anything less than the cleanest, most painless death circumstances allow.

Conviction: The undead are champions of Conviction beyond compare. It is not that death enhances their drive, but instead that only those with purpose and overriding will would pass up the silence of Oblivion or the peace of Lethe in favor of pursuing goals best forgotten. The Abysssal gains (Conviction x 2) dots of Passions (The Roll of Glorious Divinity 2, Page 96), which need not be Conviction based themselves. When channeling a Passion, she regains Willpower just as a Ghost would. Ignoring these Passions is as difficult as ignoring her own Conviction, and always requires the expenditure of Willpower.

Temperance: Breath. Food. Sleep. These are the most pernicious and excessive luxuries of the living, too weak of will to deny themselves. The truly Temperate Abyssal needs none of them, and will suffer none of them. Like a Ghost, the Abyssal no longer needs to eat, breath, or sleep to survive. She gains a single Fetter (The Roll of Glorious Divinity 2, Page 96-97) with a rating equal to her (Temperance), and may enter Slumber as a Ghost does, her sole concession to these needs. Engaging in any of these activities in any other form – including conventional speech – is a breach of her restraint, and always requires the expenditure of Willpower.

Valor: What need have the dead to doubt? What meaning has fear to the fallen? They have looked upon the end of life, and emerged… changed. A dead heart does not quaver. The Valorous Abyssal becomes the reaper, not simply in body, but within the hollows of her black heart. A slayer of unworthy thoughts. The Abyssal may always channel Valor to enhance her MDVs, and may spend a single Valor channel in place of any amount of Willpower to resist an Unnatural Mental Influence. At the same time however, fierce in the defense of her own words, she is unswayed even by the sweetest of reason, and must spend Willpower to back down from any cause or stance she has previously advanced or promoted.

This Charm is the Abyssal counterpart to the Solar Charm Epic Zeal of (Virtue), and the Infernal Charm Cosmic Transcendence of (Virtue) (Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals, Page 132-133), and purchasing any one of these charms for a particular Virtue precludes the purchase of any other version for the same Virtue. These Charms are not Mirrors however, and are not interchangeable for purposes of meeting prerequisites. The modes of Virtue empowered by each are at least subtly different, and any dependent magic will naturally hinge upon the particular modality enshrined in it’s specific prerequisite.

Fallen Heart of (Virtue)

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