Fateful Proxy Endowment

Fateful Proxy Endowment

Cost: 10m, 2wp, 1lhl; Mins: Presence 5, Essence 4; Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-OK, Touch, Prayer Strip
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None

Affixing a prayer strip to the person of a willing, unenlightened mortal, the Sidereal replaces the subject’s destiny with one of his own making, empowering his minion to act in his stead, and with a portion of his powers. This charm grants a trusted mortal a glimpse beyond the veil, wrapping him in one of the vizier’s resplendent destinies, and granting the agent a portion of his patron’s power.

While so enshrouded, the endowed mortal dons one of the Sidereal’s resplendent destinies, rendering him indistinguishable from the Sidereal himself wearing the same fate. While the destiny is occupied in this way, the Sidereal cannot don it or use it in any other fashion, and any paradox generated by his proxy’s actions is applied to the vizier himself. The endowed mortal remains cloaked in this destiny – his own destiny suppressed – until the Sidereal ends his commitment to the charm, the destiny’s duration expires, or its endurance runs out, at which point the charm’s effects immediately cease, the subject resumes his normal roll in fate, and the destiny (if it still exists) reverts to its creator.

The proxy may activate the powers of the destiny he wears, and is imbued with an essence score of 2, a peripheral essence pool of 10 motes which begins empty, the ability to respire essence as a Sidereal exalt, and the ability to learn Sidereal charms at the cost of 12xp each. He retains these benefits only while essence is committed to this charm, after which the memory of having had them fades in the same way as memories of an expired destiny, refunding the experience when entirely forgotten.

Design Commentary

This effectively allows the Sidereal to entrust one of his resplendent destinies to a trusted mortal minion – be they in ever so short supply – and empower him to act in his stead. Mechanically it is similar to the Solar charm Power-Awarding Prana (Exalted, Page 218), but given a Sidereal twist. I’m not sure requiring a specific craft like this is valid technically, but it made sense to me so I ran with it.

Fateful Proxy Endowment

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