Fate's Flotsam Appreciation

Fate’s Flotsam Appreciation

Cost: —; Mins: Sail 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Journey to Enlightenment

A man who is willing to surrender his plans to fate may often learn lessons he never would have known to ask after otherwise. With slight and skillful adjustment, the magic of Journey to Enlightenment may be allowed to flow along the threads of destiny as it will, unguided by the Sidereal’s own intent. In so doing, it guides the subject on a journey which will see him well prepared for what is to come – even when he knows not what it may be.

When the Sidereal activates Lessons Learned In Life, he may elect to surrender his choice of lessons to the Storyteller. When invoked in this fashion, the training the target receives is not limited by the Sidereal’s own traits, and may include the increase of Essence in addition to other eligible traits.

Fates of this nature are the pattern spiders’ stock in trade, and by invoking his charm in this way, the Sidereal essentially tithes from his own will and essence to aid in constructing what the fickle creatures perceive as the proper course of events, a most auspicious act. When Journey to Enlightenment is invoked in this way, the Sidereal may roll his Essence, and reduce his Paradox by one if any successes are rolled.

Design Commentary

The previous expansion was solid and simple, but not exactly exploding with flavor. I wanted to roll in some astrology influence in these charms, and this seemed like a good opportunity. It puts some good story hooks in play – because when the storyteller decides you suddenly learn Sapphire Circle Banishment, you can be for damned sure Fate is trying to tell you something – and gives an angle for exceeding the Sidereal’s own numeric limits in the bargain.

Fate's Flotsam Appreciation

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