Fate's Spindle

Fate’s Spindle

Manse (Sidereal)

Fate’s Spindle is a clear-faded prism upon which arcs and beams of light seem to constantly move and shift colors even when held still. In actuality these colored streams of light are actually the nearby strands of fate of nearby objects and people. These strands move and change so fast that the gem cannot serve as a divining or astrological tool, and it is impossible to know to what object the gem chooses to reference in its colorful display.

When attuned, the hearthstone grants to it’s viewer a vague perception of the path that object’s follow as they move thru existence. This appears as a faint after-image trail as it moves. Generally these motions are so faint and inconsequential that the bearer cannot use this perception to any benefit. Attacks and weapons, however, are uniquely highlighted in this vision spectrum and allow the bearer of this stone to follow the path of harmful attacks as they threaten to cut short the fate of others. This grants two major benefits. First, the bearer is better able to see the angle at which attacks are coming and thus gains +1 to their DV against attacks they are aware of. Secondly, they can see the path that any projectile weapon or attack took in making its way to a target, and thus can determine the point of origin of any attack. If they attacker has moved since the attack this grants the bearer no knowledge of their current location, merely the point at which the assault originated. If any effect directly works to hide the point of origin of the attack, the bearer receiver’s their ESSENCE in bonus dice to a Perception + Alertness roll to determine said origin.

Fate's Spindle

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