First Autochthon Excellency

First Autochthon Excellency

Cost: 1m Per Die Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: None

Like other Primordials, Autochthon can enhance actions which fall within his nature. So long as the action in question is in keeping with his nature as outlined below, this Charm can enhance actions using any combination of Attribute and/or Ability and according to the same rules:

Only one iteration of First (Primordial) Excellency may improve a given action. The Storyteller should adjudicate the applicability of this Charm as he would judge applicability of specialties and stunts, rewarding players who work to stay in theme and denying those who would push this Excellency into a universally applicable bonus. As always, clear and consistent rulings will go a long way to keeping players happy.

A character can and must purchase each version of the Charm a number of times equal to her Essence rating as a Training effect when she first learns the Excellency or upon raising her Essence later.

First Autochthon Excellency adds dice to enhance valid actions using the same costs and rules as the First Excellency of the Lawgivers (see Exalted, pp. 183). If the action uses only an Attribute or Ability and not a combination of the two, the dice limit is the (used trait + Essence) instead.

The italicized words and phrases in the description below provide the core themes of Autochthon’s purview. The more of these relate to a given action, the more likely that a Storyteller should consider the action eligible for enhancement with the Excellency.

Autochthon: The great maker is analytical, pragmatic, and purposeful. Having devised many of the physical rules by which the world functions, he is skilled at leveraging them through the use of tools and mechanisms. As the king of craftsmen he takes joy in building things up while feeling no regret as he tears them down so that he can improve upon them. He applies this ethos uniformly to himself and others, reinventing himself constantly. Once he has found an ideal solution however, he expects that others will adopt it, which results in rigidness and orthodoxy that make him repetitive and predictable and make it difficult for him to break from his own patterns once they’re set in motion.

Characters may apply this charm to any actions which are part of a pre-established plan (whether articulated in detail by the players or not), but it cannot be applied to improvisations or reactions to the unexpected – disruption by unforeseen factors and forces are the bane of all the Great Maker’s best-laid plans, and while a good plan covers all reasonable contingencies, this goes only so far. Fate in Creation and the Design of Autochthon epitomize this sort of planning, and as such this charm is universally applicable to any action benefiting from an ascending destiny or equivalent effect.

It must also be noted that the Great Maker is terribly, perhaps terminally ill, and the cancer of the Void is a reflection of something darker within his own nature. This charm’s benefits may be extended to actions which annihilate, corrupt, or subvert the plans of others and the natural order, and this power can even make the impossible possible, but drawing upon it invites the Maker’s sickness to fester, and the character gains a point of temporary Dissonance.

First Autochthon Excellency

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