Flash of Sunset

Flash of Sunset


Attunement Cost: 6m
Activation Cost: Varies
Repair: 4

This blunt nosed, hourglass tapered pistol is constructed primarily of orichalcum, with a smooth sided cowling of cream-white essence insulating ceramic over its sides and top, and a barrel and inner workings composed of a brassy looking essence-super-conducting alloy of starmetal and yellow jade. Five faintly glowing lenses of violet crystal, each densely inscribed with sorcerous figures, hang perfectly suspended within the barrel, never actually touching it.

To employ the weapon, a user must first attune it for 6m, and then power it for a scene as a reflexive action costing 3m. Once activated, the weapon has no need of ammunition and fires bolts of violet-blue solar essence at the user’s command. These bolts are inherently holy in nature, and inflict aggravated damage on creatures of darkness.

Beyond these basic capabilities, each of which is activated reflexively:

  • Fateful Deployment System (2m) – By committing 2m as an indefinite effect, the user activates a tiny starmetal circuit and banishes the weapon into the vagaries of fate, from whence it will appear at a convenient time and place. The weapon vanishes effectively into Elsewhere until the user releases his commitment. It may be reflexively readied with an appropriate stunt.
  • Reflex Focus Reticule (2m) – Orichalcum underlays in the weapon’s handles and sighting mechanisms interface directly with the user, bringing the weapon on point with the speed of thought and the ease of Solar excellence. When the user Aims, he may reflexively pay 2m to reduce penalties on the aimed attack roll by twice his aim bonus.
  • Phase Attack Lens (2m) – For 2m, the adamant crystal lenses in the weapon’s barrel can be excited with essence, empowering an attack to harmlessly pass through up to (Essence) feet of non-magical obstructions including other characters and scenery, and gains the Piercing tag as if the weapon had the Adamant magical material bonus.
  • Spatial Compression Diopter (1m+) – By focusing essence into a thin, knureled ring of moonsilver in the weapon’s firing chamber, the weapon’s user can perform a shinmaic compression which literally shrinks the distance from weapon to target. The weapon’s range is increased by up to (Essence x 50) yards at the cost of 1m per 50 yards, until his next action.
  • Essence Cancellation Aperture (0m) – By activating a soulsteel focusing ring, the user can invert the essence of his attack. An attack enhanced in this way overloads magitech constructs and organic nerves alike. As the user prefers, his attack may deal bashing damage which cannot roll over into lethal, or cause no damage and an automatic stunning check at difficulty equal to the attack’s raw damage.
Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Tags
5 +3 8L / 2 3 100 O

Design Notes

The main basis for attack here is the Crimson bow. The combat stats are reasonably comparable over all, and the attunement cost plus per-scene activation is in the standard range for an artifact of this rating. The bow’s powers are certainly more puissant, as well as being free, but the pistol has variety on its side in a pretty big way, which is probably enough to call it even._

Flash of Sunset

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