From Whence the Void

The tenets of conventional motonic information theory hold that a mote of essence may exist in one of three primary information states: Shaped, as found in the motes of most of the realms of existence, possessing a defined set of characteristics; Propagating, as observed in the motes directed by essence using beings, possessed of an essence pattern which modifies other proximal motes; or Undefined, as observed in the Wyld, where motes possess an arbitrary set of characteristics which changes without regard to outside influence.

A more radical theory proposes a fourth and fifth state. The first is known as Null and pertains when a mote is shaped such that its only characteristic is that it cannot be shaped again. It is motes in this state that are posited to comprise Oblivion. The second is known as Void, a state in which a mote is defined as _nonexistent- and thereby vanishes permanently from the motonic fabric, taking any information it held with it. It is this state which is considered most terrifying, for if it exists then by definition the eventual demise of existence itself is inevitable.

The Void is not a place or a condition; it is an irrevocable state of being. By grand artifice, or some instinct for self preservation which predates Creation itself, the magic of the Primordials, the Gods, and the Exalted alike avoids this state – it modifies motes and releases them back into the fabric with great reliability – but Autochthon was never a perfect being and it has ever been his great misfortune to explore that dangerous frontier where his cousins dare not tread.

Autochthon’s great sickness is in this respect one of his most profound discoveries, for on the bleeding edge of motonic theory he discovered the Void, and like all Primordials, for him to discover a concept was to make it part of himself. Thus the Void was incorporated into his functions and there it stubbornly remains, because deliberate self destruction – the amputation of these dangerous functions which leak his essence into nonexistence – is a necessarily foreign concept to an entity for whom accepting it would mean virtual suicide.

From Whence the Void

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