Fundamental Abscession

Fundamental Abscession

Cost:Mins: Essence 7; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Stackable
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

Mortals perceive that the world acts on them and they change as a result. For the titans, the chain of cause and effect flows the opposite way: they are ideas, and when they change themselves, reality follows, reinforcing and calcifying that change. Abandoning a concept so incorporated is akin to the amputation of a limb – a nearly unthinkable act of self mutilation which may nevertheless be necessary to survive.

Though not the first of the Titans to put this concept into practice – the being now known as She Who Lives in Her Name bears that dubious distinction – Autochthon was the first to contemplate such a choice. It was a concept which could only arise at the intersection of his own drive for self-improvement and the Void’s fundamental nihilism, and it may well be the only way he can ever hope to escape the Void’s corruption.

But at what cost?

Upon learning this charm, a character abandons some element of their identity: an intimacy, a motivation, a virtue, or – for a Primordial – one of their conceptual creations. The character immediately loses the trait in question entirely and permanently.

The player and storyteller should work together to fundamentally redesign the character’s identity with this gap in mind, but mechanically the results depend on the quality excised:

  • Abandoning an intimacy purges all traces of the intimacy and its subject from the character’s memory. Any charms or magical effects tied to that intimacy end, as do all mental influences originating from or referring to the intimacy’s subject. New intimacies may form towards the subject, but they will always be based upon the experiences had after this charm is acquired.
  • Abjuring one’s motivation leaves a character rudderless and undirected until they eventually develop a new purpose in life. As with intimacies, all related charms and effects end immediately. Without some sort of magical intervention, it will take at least (Essence) months for a new motivation to develop, and until it does the character will not recover virtue channels, and can regain willpower only from stunts.
  • More than simply resetting its value, the excising of a virtue is a fundamental metaphysical change to a character’s nature. Henceforth, checks against an abandoned virtue simply do not apply to the character, and effects which depend on the virtue in question are inapplicable. If the character had a virtue flaw tied to the virtue, they now have none – a rare way to sidestep the great curse.
  • The consequences of a Titan abandoning a concept with this charm are fundamental and far-reaching, with details best left to the storyteller to determine, but in short, that concept ceases to be as if it had never existed, at least within the conceptual domains over which that Primordial holds sway. The concept will continue to exist in other realms and in the forms it has taken when adapted by other Primordials.

Any charms, traits, or other substantive permanent investments which a character loses as a result of learning this charm refund their experience cost to the character.

A character may learn this charm any number of times, choosing a new quality to abandon each time they do so.

No Yozi posses a version of this charm – this concept was among the most pivotal elements of their nature which the Solars expunged from them in the crafting of the oaths of surrender, as they knew it would enable them to slip their bonds and cause untold devastation in the process should any of them resort to such measures. The pre-surrender She Who Lives in Her Name once knew it, but it is no longer among her faculties.

Whether Autochthon himself has acquired this charm is left to the discretion of the storyteller – perhaps this effect must be discovered and delivered to him by an enterprising character who has somehow begun to explore his charm set, or perhaps his retreat from the world was expressly an effort to distance himself from Creation so that he might realize his own evolution without creating a reprize of the Three Spheres Cataclysm. In either case, it is possible but not guaranteed that this charm might free him from his disease: in theory, the Void is a concept like any other which he might well excise, but this charm is deeply rooted in those same principles and it is unclear whether the disease can be its own cure.

A Solar charm, Excision of Nature (Cost: 20m, 3wp; Mins: Essence 7, Occult 7; Prerequisites: Ghost Eating Technique) allows this effect to be forcibly applied to a spirit in place of the use of Ghost Eating Technique. An (Intelligence + Craft: Reality) roll with difficulty equal to the spirit’s Essence is required to target a specific trait for removal, with failure resulting in an unexpected alteration of the storyteller’s choice. Predicting the consequences of removing a particular trait or which trait to target to get particular results is a Craft: Reality project comparable to other advanced magical crafting projects.

Fundamental Abscession

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