Geomantic Fulcrums

Geomantic Fulcrums

Artifact or

Attunement Cost: None
Activation Cost: 50m
Repair: None

Geomantic fulcrums are jade rods approximately half-again the height of a man carved along their lengths with entwined elemental dragons. The top of each staff is a sculpted dragon’s head with open jaws into which a hearthstone may be set, and each fulcrum requires a hearthstone – rated three dots or higher, and aspected to the element corresponding to the jade used in the fulcrum’s creation – to function. A stone fitted this way provides none of its usual benefits.

An individual fulcrum (which counts as Artifact three) can be driven into the geomantic center of a demesne that matches the artifact’s aspect in order to stabilize and magnify its power – doubling essence respiration within the demesne and suppressing any hazardous effects created by its untamed essence. It may also be driven into the center of a shadowland to allow normal essence respiration in the area both in Creation and in the Underworld. These powers costs no motes.

A set of fulcrums, one of each type of jade (artifact five) can be arranged at key points around the center of a demesne or shadowland to amplify its connection to Creation. Placing the fulcrums requires a geomantic survey of the site which takes four hours per mile of radius of a shadowland or rating of a demesne, and must be completed between dawn and dusk on a single day. If any of the fulcrums are disturbed before the survey is completed the process must begin again.

The geomancer must commit 10m to place each staff, and when the final staff is placed he may increase the rating of a demesne by one, or sever a shadowland from the Underworld, cleansing it from Creation. If a Dragonblooded geomancer uses the Fulcrums as part of a sworn brotherhood, the required essence at each step may be committed by any member of his team.

Geomantic Fulcrums

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