Glimmer of Dawn

Glimmer of Dawn


Attunement Cost: 10m
Activation Cost: None
Repair: 5

Hearthstone Sockets: 1

The preparation of the block of pure adamant from which this blade was fashioned was an arduous process by which the material itself was removed, one degree at a time, from its own reality. Removing the block from its native realm was the first step, followed by imprinting the material in the wan light of an eclipse, etching its essence channels in the timeless simultaneity of creation’s frozen moment, and quenching it in the absolute cold at the horizon of Oblivion. Only when all this was done was the blade itself split from the block’s core by a single perfect blow of the hammer.

The perfectly clear crystal of this chisel tipped blade – roughly the size and weight of a wave cleaver – shines with a faint inner light that runs from brilliant gold at its base to pale violet at its tip, but remains all but invisible in anything less than perfect light. When its wielder’s anima flares, flashes of burning sunlight run up along the geometric essence channels within the blade, giving the impression that the user wields not so much a sword as a bundle of radiant stylized lightning bolts.

More notable than its construction and appearance however are its powers, for there is no weapon in Creation more carefully attuned to the purpose of splitting one thing from another. The Glimmer of dawn is a severer of bonds, created to rend not just the physical, but the magical bonds that tie the world itself together – the arcane links, metaphysical channels, geo-motonic pathways, and shaping magics which interlock to sustain Creation itself.

The Glimmer of Dawn is an adamant daiklave with the attendant magical material bonus (in addition to the below), but may be attuned at normal cost by solars and abyssals as well as those with an affinity towards its actual material. A character wielding this weapon can make Occult based attacks to sever magical bonds (assuming he has a means of perceiving them), with the following effects:

Arcane Links: The user can permanently sever an arcane link. Doing so requires an attack against a DV equal to the highest essence of the parties it links (treat objects as having DV 0 for this purpose). No damage roll is required.

Shaping Effects: The user can negate shaping effects with an attack against DV equal to the essence of their creator. The attack is against 5 hardness for each willpower spent creating the effect, and one level of damage is required to negate an effect.

Sorcerous Effects: The user can shatter sorcery of any tier. The attack is made against a DV equal to the caster’s essence, and spells have hardness of 5 (Terrestrial), 10 (Celestial), and 20 (Solar), with a single level of damage required to shatter the effect.

Geomancy: The user can disrupt a dragon line that feeds a manse with an attack against DV0, hardness (10 x Manse Rating). If the attack deals at least one level of damage, the manse in question suffers a point of power failure.

Each of these actions is handled as a normal attack made using Occult when made against existing magical bonds. When a new effect is created around him – when he his subjected to a shaping attack or the target of a spell being cast, for example – he may spend a point of willpower to use one of these effects reflexively against it.

Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
4 +3 5L/2 +4 3 O,P

Glimmer of Dawn

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