God-King Armament

God-King Armament


Attunement Cost: 10m
Activation Cost: Varies
Repair: None

Hearthstone Sockets: 3

The God-King Armament is a masterwork weapon of intricate filigree decorations married to sweeping and deadly curves made of a combination of orichalcum and moonsilver. But for all of its majestic appearance, even attuned it still seems to be no more potent than any other grand daiklave. But the secrets of the weapon are revealed when used in conjunction with the charm Glorious Solar Saber (Simple, Combo-OK, 5 Motes + 1 Willpower to activate). Infused with a surge of shaped solar essence, the God-King Armament flares to life.

Once empowered, with a reflexive action the solar can alter the form of the God-King Armament into any other 3-dot artifact weapon. The blade could be a dire lance one moment, a long powerbow the next, and then a grand grimscythe. This includes warstrider sized weapons as well. The only restriction is that the weapon must not require a magitech mechanism to operate (eliminating any weapon with a repair value).

Similarly, with the same reflexive action the wielder can also split the weapon into any quantity of duplicate manifestations (or reform multiple manifestations back into one). One daiklave could become a thousand with little more than a thought. Weapons not held by the exalt attuned to the God-King Armament are not solid though; composed entirely of essence. As a result they cannot be used to interact with the physical world until grasped by the exalt. Once made whole, a manifestation will remain physical for the entire tick in which it was touched, allowing thrown weapons or ammunition to be used normally. The following tick they return to a state of visible essence.

Regardless of the form of the weapon, the God-King Armament receives the benefits of the charm used to activate it; Glorious Solar Saber. Once empowered the weapon radiates light, does aggravated damage to creatures of darkness and adds one mote to the exalt’s overdrive pool for each action taken. Similarly, the God-King Armament will only remain empowered by Glorious Solar Saber for one scene.

Serving as a beacon on the battlefield, the wielder and her allies enjoy an increased level of coordination. Whenever the user of the God-King Armament successfully parries an attack from a target with permanent essence less than the bearer, an ally can make an immediate counterattack against the attacker. That ally must either have an intimacy towards the wielder (and vice versa) or they must both have an intimacy towards the same cause. In addition, the ally must be able and willing to make an attack against the target when the parry occurs. If the bearer performs a perfect parry then up to her permanent essence in valid allies that can counterattack are able to.

Against enemies of equal or greater permanent essence it is more difficult to maneuver them into a position where a weakness is exposed. In these instances, the attack must miss the DV of the bearer by more than the difference between his permanent essence and the wielder’s for an ally to be granted a counter attack. As an example, an essence 7 creature is attacking the essence 5 bearer of the God-King Armament. If that creature’s attack were to miss hitting the bearer’s parry DV by 2 then an ally of the bearer would not receive a free counterattack against the attacker. But if that same creature were to miss by 3 then a counterattack would be awarded to an ally. When performing a perfect parry the number of allies that can counterattack is equal to the bearer’s permanent essence minus the difference in permanent essence scores between the bearer and the attacker to a minimum of 1.

God-King Armament

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