Harmonic Attunement Style

Harmonic Attunement Style

There exists a persistent belief amongst warstrider pilots and battle-armor jockeys that the process of attunement is not so cut and dried as less experienced folk seem to believe. According to them, the truly great pilot can take a magitech device far beyond its performance envelope, and achieve truly unbelievable feats.

The Harmonic Attunement Style is the realization and art of that legend. A time-honored tradition of bonds between great men and great machines which few outsiders could begins to understand or appreciate.

In the first age, this art was rarely taught, despite its obvious utility. It was created by a particularly reserved vizier, and initially spread only to the most trusted of the Dragonblooded elite in his service. From them it spread slowly if at all – he chose his allies for their discretion – and would likely have died out entirely in the Usurpation, except for a marvelous (and perhaps not accidental) twist of fate.

A handful of animating intelligences have survived down the centuries who remember with great fondness the bonds this art once enabled between themselves and their masters, and on a number of occasions such spirits have chosen to confer knowledge of this art upon an operator deemed particularly suitable.

Most commonly taught under guise of unique powers that a pilot might learn to evoke from his machine – the AIs having learned discretion from their ancient creators – in the modern age this style has proliferated little if at all, and is cryptically referred to by those aces who know of it as the Art of the Link.

Weapons & Armor: Harmonic Attunement Style is and always has been a technique for interfacing with an Exalt’s panoply. As such, all magitech artifact weapons are form weapons for this style, and its techniques cannot be practiced without such weapon. It is compatible with all magitech artifact armor, up to and including warstriders.

Complementary Abilities: Building and maintaining a panoply of magitech equipment requires a sound grasp of Lore, Occult, and Craft (Magitech). While not strictly required to use this style, without the abilities required to upkeep and repair his gear, a Harmonic Attunement Style practitioner can quickly find himself in a difficult position.

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Harmonic Attunement Style

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