Hero's Sojurn Approach

Hero’s Sojurn Approach

Cost: —; Mins: Sail 5, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Journey to Enlightenment

For those with the gift of awakened essence, the journey to enlightenment is about more than refining mortal prowess. For such beings, the study of magic is part of every-day life, and strange happenings abound, bringing the bizarre and unusual into daily focus. Such beings demand greater journeys – heroic journeys, worthy of story and song – and reap from their experiences greater rewards.

This charm extends its prerequisite, the charm to target non-mortals of all types, and allowing the training effects to be extended to Charms, Spells, Virtues, and Willpower. Virtues and Willpower can be trained only up to the Sidereal’s own rating, however training Charms and Spells requires only that the Sidereal have detailed knowledge of the existence of the Spell or Charm, and its general mechanics.

Design Commentary

It’s more or less traditional to have a permanent charm or two that expand the capabilities of the core training charms, so I figured I’d run with that here as well. Besides the tradition, it just makes sense to require a bit higher buy-in to train some of the higher rent stuff.

Hero's Sojurn Approach

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