Humaniform Chassis Framework

Humaniform Chassis Framework

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Charisma 3, Essence 6; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Transfiguration
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

The Humaniform Chassis Framework is the most familiar of the Colossal Transfigurations, and thus the most common choice for a Champion’s first such Charm. Its form is humanoid, like the Alchemical’s original body writ large, typically of approximately the same size and configuration as a warstrider, and with similar physical qualities.

It may be beautiful or hideous according to the Alchemical’s Appearance, but as a humanoid figure the Humaniform Colossus is inherently more relatable than other Transfigurations, making it an ideal choice for an Exalt operating in a social or organizational roll. Its body plan also has the advantage of limbs and hands, which allow it to retain the physical versatility to which most Exalts are accustomed.

The Humaniform Chassis Framework confers the following mechanical benefits:

  • The Colossus’s personal essence pool is expanded by (Willpower) motes
  • The Colossus gains a number of additional -0 health levels equal to his (Essence)
  • The Colossus’s Strength is increased by (Essence) for feats of strength and damage
  • The Colossus’s base movement speed is multiplied by his (Essence)
  • The Colossus’s natural soak is increased by (Essence) against all damage types
  • The Colossus ignores the Transfiguration keyword’s Appearance reduction effect


Gigantiform Chassis Upgrade (Essence 7): This submodule permanently expands the Colossus’s Humaniform Chassis Framework to truly epic proportions, pushing it to a towering height of as much as eighty feet, and expanding its physical strength and reach commensurate to its size, while retaining its basically humanoid body plan. This confers the following improved benefits:

  • Number of extra -0 health levels gained increases to (Essence + (Stamina x 5))
  • Strength bonus for damage and feats of strength increases to (Essence x 2)
  • Bonus to all types of natural soak increases to (Essence x 2)
  • Effective reach with all melee weapons is increased by (Essence x 5) yards

Humaniform Chassis Framework

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