Impending Dawn Band

Impending Dawn Band


Attunement Cost: 3m
Activation Cost: 5m
Maintenance: None

This simple orichalcum band is designed to be worn around the upper arm, but might as easily fit an ankle or wrist, or even around the neck of a smaller individual. When worn and properly attuned, the user can call upon its power to exchange the armor or clothing they are currently wearing with a suit of equipment – up to and including a War Strider – stored Elsewhere.

Devices such as this were common in the High First Age, as they allowed both secure storage of armaments, and easy access. They take their name from the battle ready Dawn Caste warriors who favored them most. Their main limitation is the time it takes for the exchange to be completed, which can be quite extensive, especially for War Striders.

When the wearer of an Impending Dawn Band activates the artifact, her equipment is exchanged with whatever equipment is stored Elsewhere by the artifact. The new equipment assembles around the user part by part over the same period of time it would normally take to dawn the gear being summoned, during which time the character must remain stationary. If the process is interrupted, only some parts of the equipment will have been exchanged, and while nothing will be permanently lost or damaged, it will take at least an hour, and 15 motes, to get all the parts that belong together in the same place.

Design Commentary

One of the example three dot artifacts listed in Oadenol’s Codex (Page 14) allows the user to instantly store and retrieve any number of objects Elsewhere. This design is significantly more limited, both in terms of what it can store, and especially the time frame for the retrieval, and while retaining the activation and attunement costs associated with a three dot artifact. This seems like a more than reasonable trade off for reducing it to a two dot artifact over all._

Impending Dawn Band

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