Intra-Spatial Interface Engine

Intra-Spatial Interface Engine

Cost: 5m [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 4, Essence 6; Type: Simple
Keywords: Colossus, Combo-OK, Obvious
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: None

A gimbaled mechanism comprised of eight gyroscopically spinning starmetal rings situated near the Colossus’s center of mass, this Charm is capable of opening a Nullspace bridge into a fully enclosed extra-dimensional space housed within the Charm itself. The portal created is typically rectangular, measures (Essence) yards on each side, and allows any reasonably sized object or person to pass through. It remains open as long as the Exalt commits essence to this Charm.
The region beyond the portal is a single open rectilinear space whose dimensions total no more than (Essence x 30) yards, with its configuration set when the Charm is purchased. It contains a normal atmosphere and otherwise appears to be a lightless and virtually featureless box comprised of the Colossus’s magical material. It contains whatever atmosphere the portal captures when it opens.

The interior of the space is completely impervious to physical damage, and creatures within the space can come or go only by way of the portal this Charm provides, or magic capable of crossing the boundaries between realms of existence.

When the Charm is deactivated, all creatures within its volume are ejected from it along with any items they carry, appearing scattered around the Colossus’s feet in whatever arrangement the Alchemical desires. Everything else the space contains remains within, and the enclosed region continues to exist even when this Charm is inactive or uninstalled, its contents sealed off from the outside world.

This interior space counts as passenger space provided by a Transfiguration Charm for purposes of Charms and submodules which refer to such spaces, and those within it count as passengers.

The permanent Charms which enhance Intra-Spatial Interface Engine each consume a portion of its available internal space and draw a measure of the Alchemical’s essence that flows through it. As such, a Colossus can install no more than (Essence ÷ 3) such Charms at a time.


Environmental Control System (2xp): This submodule provides the Alchemical’s extra-dimensional space with a continuously refreshed supply of air, and maintains its temperature and humidity anywhere within a humanly survivable range. The conditions may be adjusted to inflict penalties on creatures susceptible to them, but not so much that they become an environmental hazard.

Intra-Spatial Compression Field (Essence 7): The total dimensions of the Colossus’s internal extra-dimensional space are increased to (Essence x 60) yards. The number of permanent upgrades the Charm can support is increased to (Essence ÷ 2) at a time.

Omnipresence Projection System (Wits 6, 4xp): With this submodule a Colossus may reflexively spend one mote to project a holographic avatar – usually appearing as he did when he was a Champion – anywhere within his internal extra-dimensional space. This avatar can be seen and heard but not touched, tasted, or smelled. All of the Exalt’s senses extend through it. An Alchemical can project up to (Essence) such avatars at a time, but suffers normal multiple-action penalties when dividing his attention between controlling more than one, or controlling one while performing other activities.

Cargo Vault Gateway (Stamina 11, Essence 7): This submodule renders the Alchemical’s internal extra-dimensional space somewhat fractal in nature, extending it out into Elsewhere. The additional space this provides cannot be entered by living beings, but allows him to store up to (Essence x 100,000) cubic yards of additional inanimate cargo without consuming more useful space.

Spirit Harrowing Filter (Perception 8, Essence 6, 3xp): An almost imperceptible adjustment to the rotation timing of the Dreadnaught’s Intra-Spatial Interface Engine creates a slight disharmony where the Alchemical’s internal space co-joins the design of Autochthon, and this faint differential marks the souls of all who pass through that dread portal. The Apostate possesses an automatic arcane link to every creature that passes through the portal created by the augmented charm, and this link persists for a (Essence) months even after the character returns to the normal world.
h4. Overdrive Control Processor

Intra-Spatial Interface Engine

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