Iron Shroud Stone

Iron Shroud Stone

Manse (Earth)

This hearthstone infuses the essence of its bearer with the nature of iron, making her anathema to all of the denizens of the Wyld.

When worn, this stone grants the benefits of Integrity-Protecting Prana to the bearer and all equipment they carry or wear against effects that originate from the Wyld or from denizens of the Wyld. In addition, the bearer and their equipment gain the anti-Wyld qualities of Cold Iron: any glamour that comes in contact with the bearer is dispelled, Wyld-touched creatures that come into contact with the bearer takes one level of aggravated damage (ignoring natural soak from Stamina and Charms), and all attacks performed by the bearer against Wyld-touched creatures do aggravated damage (again, ignoring natural soak from Stamina and Charms).

The properties of the Iron Soul Stone are so opposed to the chaotic nature of the Wyld that it’s possible for Wyld-touched creatures to sense its presence even when they are not directly affected by it.

Outside of the Wyld the effects of this hearthstone are more or less in tune with Creation. As such, Wyld-touched creatures can’t sense it until it’s almost on top of them. If they come within 15 yards of the bearer of the stone they feel an unnatural creeping chill that cannot be mistaken for anything else, but are unable to clearly identify the source of the effect without additional investigation.

Within the Bordermarches, where the laws of physics still hold sway, the stabilizing impact of the stone increases the distance at which it can be sensed. Here, a Wyld-touched creature can sense the presence of the stone at (Heart Rating x 150) yards. And though it might be possible to track the stone based upon the intensity of its effect, Creation stabilizes the Bordermarches to such an extent that it would require a master tracker. For most, it’s simply a warning to beware.

Once the bearer crosses to the Middlemarches, the stone creates an unmistakable presence. Here, where distance now becomes relative, any Wyld-touched creature within the same Waypoint or Journey knows that the stone is present as well. Similar to the Bordermarches, tracking the stone is possible, but here it becomes a bit easier. Any creature with enough determination can track the discomforting chill to its source, but without appropriate skills this is accomplished primarily through trial and error and can take a significant amount of time.

Within the Deep Wyld, the stone marks the bearer as a defiler. This far from Creation the denizens of the Wyld don’t even need to be in the same Waypoint or Journey to feel the stone’s stabilizing influence. In particular, they can be up to (Heart Rating) Waypoints away and still sense the source. Tracking the bearer through multiple Waypoints is extremely difficult given the nature of the Wyld, but once within the same Waypoint or Journey, Wyld-touched creatures instinctively know the direction and distance to the stone.

Iron Shroud Stone

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