Journey to Enlightenment

Journey to Enlightenment

Cost: 5m+, 1wp+; Mins: Sail 4, Essence 3; Type: Simple
Keywords: Touch, Training
Duration: One Week
Prerequisite Charms: Voyage of Discovery

The lessons a man may learn on his journey through life are not always profound and obvious. It is equally likely that he may find his journey leads him to a new understanding of his craft, or greater unity with his fellow travelers. As with Journey of Discovery, the Sidereal’s touch confers an enchantment upon his target which pulls at the weave in order to realize opportunities for learning in the target’s life which would otherwise exist only in potentia. Unlike that charm however, the effects of Journey to Enlightenment are far more subtle, and the knowledge required of the Sidereal himself is appreciably greater.

Over the following week, the target – who must be a mortal and inside of fate – experiences apparently random, usually unremarkable events which cause him to gain a dot in any Attribute or Ability, or acquire any Specialty, as a training effect. Realizing these opportunities for learning requires extensive insight into the subject upon which the target is to be trained, and as such this charm cannot be used to increase a target’s traits above the Sidereal’s own, or confer knowledge of a specialty the Sidereal does not possess.

The effects of the charm constitute a natural mental influence which goes completely unnoticed by the target unless he succeeds on a (Perception + Craft (Fate)) roll at difficulty equal to the Sidereal’s permanent Essence. If recognized, the effects of the charm become Obvious, as does which trait is being trained. Regardless of whether a character is aware of the effect, his player may choose to spend a point of Willpower to ignore the lesson in the same way as with any social attack.

At Essence 4+, a second purchase of this charm allows the training effects to be extended simultaneously to a group of magnitude no greater than the Sidereal’s permanent Essence by expending an additional point of willpower, and an additional (Magnitude x 5) motes. Used in this way, the Sidereal needs only touch a single member of the group to apply the effect.

Design Commentary

My storyteller commented to me the other day that it seemed like Sidereals aught to have a charm for training up clans of ninja. I decided that was a mite specific, and made this instead. The idea of forcing a trait on someone (like, say, Compassion) with a training charm came up in a Solars game a year or so ago, but it seems like much more of a Sidereal move in general, so I decided to work the mechanics for it into the mix here.

Journey to Enlightenment

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