Lambent Mechanisms Style

Lambent Mechanisms Style

Though most exalted disdain the use of complex magitech weapons in favor of simpler tools that harken back to a more primitive era, in truth it is only they – those chosen savants of Creation’s lost golden age – who are capable of evoking the true potential in such advanced weapons. In the arcane mechanisms and radiant essence bolts of his blessed devices, the exalted artificer may find hallowed depths of enlightenment as far beyond mortal comprehension as any mystery of the sorcerer’s arts.

The name of the man who created the Lambent Mechanisms Style has been lost to the privations of a thousand years of technological decline, but it is assumed by those who have learned of it since its reemergence that it was the invention of a Twilight caste Solar. The style itself was lost and forgotten, but since the return of the Solars, it has revealed itself to more than one member of that caste, and to no one else. Though of course some of those who have learned it have since seen fit to teach it to those outside the copper spiders’ number.

When discovered by one of that caste, the principles of the style are invariably found inscribed in sutra-like passages upon the inner workings of a first age essence weapon, written in microscopic glyphs discernible only with the aid of essence sight and the finest tools. At first these passages reveal little, but as the practitioner masters the style, he discovers that the mechanisms may be rearranged to reveal new verses, and new secrets, a realization that has lead some to speculate on the existence of as-yet undiscovered techniques no living Solar possesses the enlightenment to grasp.

Weapons & Armor: Lambent Mechanisms Style may be used with any magitech weapon that fires essence bolts or similar raw essence attacks (including those created by Alchemical charms) and with beam weapons (Alchemicals, Page 110-111), including warstrider and siege weapons if the practitioner possesses the strength and stature to wield them. Attacks with all such weapons count as unarmed for purposes of charms in this style. The style may be practiced in any armor that lacks a mobility penalty, and by characters piloting warstriders.

Complementary Abilities: To learn the Lambent Mechanisms Style, a practitioner must possess both martial mastery and the peerless insight of an artificer. To begin learning, a practitioner must possess Martial Arts and Craft (Magitech) at three or greater, and to learn more advanced charms the martial artist must always possess a Craft (Magitech) score at least equal to his Martial Arts. Martial Arts attacks made using this style’s form weapons are considered to also be Melee, Archery, or Thrown attacks (as appropriate to the weapon used) for purposes of charm compatibility.

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Lambent Mechanisms Style

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