Languages and Literacy

In this variation of the standard rules, characters speak their native language fluently, and speak one additional language per dot of Linguistics, per usual. Characters may learn additional languages as Linguistics Specialties however.

Characters speak all non-native languages with an accent unless they take an additional specialty dot in the language in question, but may reflexively roll (Wits + Linguistics) against a listener’s (Perception + Linguistics) to conceal or mimic a particular accent for a scene.

Characters are automatically literate in languages they know, regardless of Lore rating. It is a one point Flaw to be illiterate in one language, a two point Flaw to be illiterate in all non-native languages, or a three point Flaw to be illiterate in all languages.

Design Impact

This rule makes it much more practical for characters to speak a few languages, and helpfully detaches the science of figuring out linguistic problems from the basic ability to communicate practically with people from other parts of Creation. It requires some adjudication around language learning magic, but most such cases have obvious and straightforward solutions.

If Flaws aren’t used in a game, then illiteracy is purely a character choice on the part of the player. In that case, learning to read and write should take some time – as much as seems appropriate for the purposes of drama – but should cost nothing.

Languages and Literacy

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