Legacy Forging Instruction

Legacy Forging Instruction

Cost: 10+m, 3wp; Mins: Craft 5, Essence 6; Type: Simple (Dramatic)
Keywords: Merged (Bureaucracy, Larceny, Socialize, War), Training
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Any Craft Excellency

Even for the Lawgivers there is no immortality to equal a legacy left in the cultures of the world, and they are uniquely suited to making such marks. With this charm the Solar forms a new organization from a group of willing individuals with Magnitude of no more than his (Essence – 5), and trains them a specific set of Abilities and charms which they can pass down to later generations of disciples.

The Solar defines the group’s Motivation, and selects a combination of Abilities and Solar charms he possesses which members of the group may learn as a Training effect, so long as they meet all relevant minimums and prerequisites. This initial formation and training takes 10m and one week for each Ability dot or charm the Solar confers, and those members may subsequently confer the same training on those who join the organization at a rate of one dot or charm per year.

The number of individuals within the organization that may benefit from this magic at any one time is limited to its initial size. If there are ever more members than this, those who most closely align with the group’s Motivation are most likely to gain these benefits when a previously gifted member dies. The group is free to select its own membership in a way that manipulates this process however – even if every member of an organization opposes its founding purpose, the appropriate number of members will be chosen.

Once this charm is enacted its magic continues on its own, and cannot be snuffed out short of eliminating all of the organization’s members (and their ghosts, who retain the ability to pass on the group’s heritage, though they lose the benefits of this charm in death).

At Essence 8, this charm upgrades automatically, allowing the Solar to convey its effects via writing or other means of lasting communication, conferring group membership on anyone who reads and accepts the tenets he sets forth, even if all its members are long dead. At Essence 10, the Solar may encode this effect into reality itself, integrating it as a Miracle Shell (See Shinmaic Calibration) and allowing the group to be joined by anyone with an appropriate intimacy towards its Motivation.

Legacy Forging Instruction

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