Legend Fades Like Twilight

Legend Fades Like Twilight

Cost: 1m ; Mins: Craft 6, Essence 6; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Legends Forged of Gold

With his last breath, the Solar hero forges his own soul into his weapon, releasing his exaltation to find a new host while his spirit lives on within his greatest creation. Like twilight, legend fades into darkness, but each day it comes again.

This charm is activated reflexively at the moment of the Solar’s death. It can be activated only when the Solar’s death is conclusively determined, and only if the character has the weapon he has imbued with his Legends Forged of Gold in his possession. He must be conscious to activate it, but need not be able to take any physical action.

As he activates this charm, the lawgiver’s souls divide from his exaltation and his body, and transcend mortal existence to become the core of a divine spirit possessed of all the Solar’s knowledge, personality, and qualities. As a god, the former-Solar possesses all his former Attributes, Abilities, Virtues, Specialties, Willpower, and Essence, but loses all backgrounds with the exception of Cult, and all Charms to which he would not normally have access as a spirit. He henceforth inhabits the weapon as its (extraordinarily powerful) least god, and is permanently bound to it, unable to travel more than (Essence x 10) yards from it’s location.

Additionally, the magic of his transcendence preserves a bond with the exaltation the one-time-Solar once carried. Should the weapon find its way into the hands of the next (or some future) exalt to bear the same shard, that character may use the charms Craftsman-Hero Approach, Legends Forged of Gold, and Awakening the Spirit Within (if he knows or learns them) to bond with the weapon as if he had crafted it himself, substituting extensive meditation and communion with the spirit of his predecessor for the normal crafting process.

If the weapon to be inhabited by the Solar’s transcendent spirit is already host to another awakened god (typically as a result of Awakening the Inner Brilliance), the results are left largely to the storyteller’s whim. Typically though the existing spirit is displaced, sometimes staying on as a mentor to the newly born godling for a time, but ultimately adding one more to the ranks of unemployed deities in Yu Shan.

Legend Fades Like Twilight

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