Life Conceiving Creativity

Life Conceiving Creativity

Cost: —; Mins: Lore 5, Essence 5; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Wyld Cauldron Technology

Life is more varied than all the stars in the sky, and only one who has mastered its many secrets can truly see the infinitesimal differences between the perfect and the imperfect, the miraculous and the abominable. In the first age, such craft was called Genesis.

This Charm enhances the character’s Wyld-Shaping Technique, altering the list of things he is able to create, and the costs and difficulties involved in creating them.

At no additional cost or difficulty, the Solar may specify the details of the ecosystems and natural inhabitants of spaces he creates, from the full pallet of creatures with which he is familiar. The natural order he defines for his creation may include creatures with mutations and any form of life he has ever personally observed in creation or its surrounds, and its population is entirely at his discretion (though it will evolve naturally once created).

Created Life: The Solar can call up examples of entirely new life by sifting the Wyld for beings with the qualities he desires. Doing so requires a minimum rating in Craft (Genesis) equal to twice the artifact, familiar, or allies rating of the creature being engineered, and expends (rating) successes, but obviates the need to search the world over for unique stock to sample from for a given craft cycle. The duration of Wyld-Shaping Technique is adjusted to match the Solar’s Craft cycle time when used in this way.

When invoking Wyld-Shaping Technique to create Created Life, the Solar rolls (Intelligence + Craft (Genesis)) rather than the usual (Intelligence + Lore) roll. Purchasing this charm explicitly allows Wyld-Shaping Technique to be combined with Craft charms, including excellencies which may be invoked to enhance the roll itself, and to enhance the Solar’s rating in Craft for purposes of meeting the requirements described above, in keeping with the rules for improving static values.

Life Conceiving Creativity

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