Life In Legend Approach

Life In Legend Approach

Cost: 1m; Mins: Martial Arts 7, Essence 7; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK, Obvious, Shaping, Emotion
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Closing Verse Recitation

No story is truly great save when it outlives its author. Those who master the Narrative of Escalation know this, and appreciate that it is death – their own death – which will best cement the absolute truth of the legends they weave. As the death blow comes for him, the Master Narrator tells the tale of his own demise, spinning about himself an end worthy of memory.

This charm is activated in response to the martial artist losing one or more dying health levels, but may only be activated if the Escalation Level of the scene is five or greater and only if the character is wearing a Resplendent Destiny. In the eyes of all those present, the character dies, but in truth it is the Destiny he wears that perishes. All further damage the character would suffer is prevented, leaving him dying but alive, and the Resplendent Destiny he wears expires as if it had run out of Endurance.

Unlike the normal expiration of a Resplendent Destiny however, no one will ever forget the legendary death of the character the Sidereal pretended to be. Memories of the character live on indefinitely, and all characters present instantly form a magically reinforced intimacy towards the deceased character as an irresistible emotion effect. Each player may decide the context of his intimacy towards the character as best suits his own nature, but once formed, this intimacy cannot be eroded by any means until a period of time has passed equal to the consumed Destiny’s duration.

The martial artist may later prey upon this intimacy to manipulate those who witnessed the death of his alter ego. When he invokes the fallen character’s death in a stunt to enhance a social attack, the attack is rendered an unnatural mental influence, and each stunt die awarded also increases the willpower cost of resisting the attack by one. If invoked as part of a stunt in defense against a social attack from a character bearing such an intimacy, the attack is perfectly parried or dodged at no cost.

The martial artist himself vanishes from the scene – reducing its Escalation Level to zero if he held narrative control when the charm was activated – appearing instead at some other location he might plausibly have been at the time, in the same way as described for the charm Avoidance Kata, and with the same limitations as regards deceiving creatures outside of fate. He leaves behind a false corpse, created with his shaping magic, which is otherwise indistinguishable from his own.

Life In Legend Approach

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