Loom-Server Uplink

Loom-Server Uplink

Cost: – [1m]; Mins: Intelligence 9, Essence 7; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Colossus, Exemplar 3, Internal, Native
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Ancillary Design-Weaving Matrix

A single strand of fate from the Design of Autochthon, stung taught in alignment with the Colossus’s essence reservoir, vibrates in constant, silent harmony with the maker’s plan for the universe. An array of orichalcum rings move up and down along it, keeping it in sync with the actions of the Design Weavers, and amplifying its presence, allowing the Alchemical to interface directly with the Design.

An Exalt with this Charm can craft and use ascending and descending destinies as if he were a Sidereal. He gains no access to resplendent destinies. These destinies function through the Design of Autochthon, and as such are only effective when used on areas, groups, or characters within that. Even natives to the Fate of creation remain unaffected.


Foreign Host Negotiation (Charisma 9): With this submodule the Design Weavers can be coerced into transferring responsibility for a destiny to their elder and less advanced counterparts on the Loom of Fate, allowing destinies the Alchemical crafts to affect natives of Creation.

Design Weaving Spindle (Wits 9): An adamant micro-loom allows the Colossus to pre-fabricate familiar destinies with astonishing speed. When the Alchemical crafts a destiny with the same conditions as a destiny he has crafted previously, divide the required time by his (Wits).

Pattern Enforcement Paradigm (Clarity 7): With this submodule, the Alchemical’s designs harmonize so completely with those of the Great Maker that the Design Weavers can see no possible grounds for objection. Destinies the Colossus crafts entirely within the Design of Autochthon produce no Paradox.

Divine Presence Directive (Clarity 9): This submodule allows the Colossus to use the Design itself as a means of communication with the ministers and subroutines of the Machine God. By expending a point of Willpower while making a prayer to the appropriate subroutine, the Alchemical gains automatic successes equal to his (Essence) on the prayer roll, which do not count as dice added by Charms.

Loom-Server Uplink

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