Maker's Drafting Board

Maker’s Drafting Board


Attunement Cost: 8m
Activation Cost: None
Maintenance: None

The Artificer’s Codex (Library of Azun Sol, Second Repository, Row 3, Shelf 81) describes an incomparable first age wonder known as Autocthon’s Workbench, said to allow its user to fabricate objects from pure essence with the stroke of a stylus. While the Maker’s Drafting Board cannot manage that feat, its other functions are clearly inspired by the device.

The Drafting Board is a simple looking desk of rare wood, its top angled downward and inlaid with a precise grid-work of orichalcum. When a craftsman draws a set of plans using the surface, the artifact allows him to project them in three dimensions, rotate, enlarge, and edit them with ease. The Board can also simulate essence flow and physical dynamics, allowing the user to concept check his work before building.

The Maker’s Drafting Board adds three successes to any Craft check made to design and build a new Artifact or Manse, protecting the user from botches, and speeding the crafting process over the long run. Attuning the Board requires the commitment of eight motes.

Design Commentary

From a design standpoint, the Maker’s Drafting Board is a pretty straight forward three dot artifact. The three free successes it grants are equivalent to a six dice bonus to an ability, which is the standard for a wonder of this level. Though not a game changing effect, as some three dot artifacts are, it’s broader usefulness clearly places it in that category. Conceptually, it is very much inspired by Tony Stark’s CAD system as depicted in the movie Ironman.

Maker's Drafting Board

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