Meridian Phoenix Ruby

Meridian Phoenix Ruby

Manse (Fire)

Created specifically for Content Not Found: mnemia, this hearthstone allows the solar to manifest as her anima totem, the Phoenix Born of Blood.

The bearer of this hearthstone can perform a transformation action (Speed 5, -0 DV) to assume the form of a phoenix. Everything worn by the character is also transformed. The size of the phoenix is dependent upon the mass transformed in this way. While wearing normal equipment the phoenix form will be roughly the size of a person, with a wingspan of 4-5 yards. But if used by someone operating a warstrider, the phoenix form will be much larger, with a wingspan in excess of 30 yards.

All time spent in phoenix form counts as Strenuous Activity (Core, pg.130), whether the bearer is flying or not. Ending the transformation requires the same transformation action as assuming phoenix form. Ending the transformation also exhausts the hearthstone, preventing it from being used to return the bearer to phoenix form for 1 hour.

While transformed the bearer has a flying movement rate of 150 (roughly 300 miles/hour) and still receives the benefits of all equipment worn. All weaponry is subsumed into the form though, so while transformed the bearer is unable to initiate an attack or perform fine manipulations.

While transformed, a corona of fire surrounds the bearer. The fire generated by the phoenix form functions the same as the anima banner of a fire-aspected Dragon-Blooded of Essence 3 (this does not include the features of Anima Flux). This fire ignites flammable objects and causes 3 dice of lethal damage to anyone that comes in contact with it.

If the bearer is entirely submerged in water while transformed, the transformation ends instantly. Similarly, a significantly heavy rainfall can also prematurely end the transformation. In general, if the quantity of water the bearer comes in contact with would put out a natural fire of the size of the phoenix form, it will cause the transformation to end.

Meridian Phoenix Ruby

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