Mobile Sensory Drone

Mobile Sensory Drone

Nullspace Uplink (Essence 6, Wits 6, 2xp): This submodule extends the range at which the Colossus can control his Mobile Sensory Drones to (Wits x 10) miles.

Combat Drone Deployment (Essence 7): For an additional cost of one point of Willpower, a Colossus with this Charm may deploy powerful combat-ready drone fighters. These automatons are based on the standard Mobile Sensory Drone template and benefit from any other submodules installed for the Charm. Additionally, combat drones have Strength, Stamina, Melee, Archery, and Thrown each at a rating of five, posses an Essence score of two, a personal essence pool of (Colossus’s Essence x 5) motes, (Colossus’s Essence ÷ 2) additional -0 health levels, and a selection of (Colossus’s Essence ÷ 2) Alchemical Charms for which they meet the prerequisites, from amongst the Charms the Alchemical has installed.

Enhanced Nullspace Uplink (Essence 6, Wits 6, Nullspace Uplink)
This submodule further extends the range at which the Colossus can control his Mobile Sensory Drones to a planetary scale.

Satellite Assimilation Protocol (Essence 6)
As an alchemical transitions into a colossus, they often find their activities restricted by a world not built to regularly accommodate one of their scale. In many cases the alchemical simply adapts, changing the emphasis of their labors, but for others that’s simply not the most efficient means of accomplishing one’s goals.

To that end, Satellite Assimilation Protocol allows an alchemical’s Mobile Sensory Drone to temporarily integrate with an automata, using the host’s mechanical body as its own for a time. Physically this requires that the drone affix itself to the exterior of the automata, near the central processing core, the leg-tendrils extending out from the eye before entering the housing of the machine. Typically this is on the “head” of the automata, leaving the mobile sensory drone to appear as a third eye.

While integrated the automata uses the alchemical’s mental and social attributes, but the physical attributes of the host. Use of abilities is similarly divided. The alchemical can use any of the powers of the host, including those that are or mimic charm activation, but they cannot use their own charms unless they are capable of channeling that charm through a Mobile Sensory Drone.

Integrating with an automata using this power requires a long tick action given the complexity of the connection. In addition, if the automata is not a willing participant the integration automatically fails. Once the integration has occurred the AI within the automata enters a inactive state until the alchemical releases the automata.

Mobile Sensory Drone

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